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Sound familiar?

Your child is having fun making pictures with the Lite Brite ® but then they run out of the design sheets that came in the package. Sure, you could help your child create new pictures from scratch, but they just aren't ready for that yet. You could also go to the manufacturer's website and order more designs but they only sell them by mail, and it takes six to eight weeks for delivery. What do you do right now?

Finally! A solution!


IllumiPeg has created IllumiPak packages that are compatible with all the Lite Brite ® models that you can receive within minutes. The IllumiPak designs can be printed on your own black and white or color printer and your child can be happily playing again in no time.

Print as many as you like

Your child probably went through the dozen or so designs that came in the Lite Brite ® package within a few days and now the toy sits on a shelf until you can get more designs. With IllumiPaks, however, you can print the designs as many times as you want. Have more than one child that wants to do the same picture that their sibling did? No problem, just print two. Does your child want to redo a picture he did a few weeks ago? It's easy, open the IllumiPak that is stored on YOUR computer and print another one.

Lite Brite Refill Airliner Lite Brite Refill Rescue Helicopter Lite Brite Refill Toucan Lite Brite Refill Ringleader Lite Brite Refill Angelfish Lite Brite Refill Chicken Lite Brite Refill Trex Lite Brite Refill Daisy Lite Brite Refill Ballerina

Lite Brite designs for your child's interests

IllumiPeg offers many themed IllumiPaks. There's the 'Things That Go' IllumiPak that contains cars, planes, trains, etc. The 'Little Miss' IllumiPak features designs for little girls including a unicorn, ballerina, and flowers. The animal lover will enjoy the 'Zoo' IllumiPak that features an elephant, giraffe, and six other animals. For even more animals, check out the new 'Farm' IllumiPak.

Lite Brite Design Volcano Sample
Click here to view and PRINT free sample Lite Brite Refill PDF file

FREE Printable Sample

Click the above link to view (and print!) the IllumiPeg sample design. You'll need Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer to be able to view the design, click the Adobe link below if you don't already have it. If, for some reason, you have trouble viewing or printing the sample design, send us an email at and we'll help you get everything sorted out BEFORE you purchase an IllumiPak.

Immediate electronic delivery

Click here to see our current selection of Lite Brite Refill IllumiPaks. After you have completed your purchase, you can download your IllumiPaks directly from our website or we can email you a file containing the IllumiPaks you have purchased. Save the attached IllumiPak file somewhere safe on your computer and you can print out the designs as many times as you like.

NEW - Lite Brite Refills By Mail

We are now offering our most popular IllumiPaks by mail for the Cube, Flat-Screen, Four Share, and Classic (9x12 Rectangle) Lite Brites. The designs are printed on glossy black paper and include blank design sheets. Click here to see the Lite Brite ® refill packages we offer by mail.

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